2010 Awards:

On April 30, 2011 during our Alumni Dinner Dance, the NY Executice committee presented the following awards:

The “Garbis Der Mesropian Memorial Trophy” for 2010 Member of the Year; Hovsep Minassian. Yeghpayer Hovsep is currently the scout master for our scouting program and is originally from Argentina. Our beloved and departed Y. Garbis Der Mesropian who’s name is on this award was also originaly from Argentina and our scout master. Currently Y. Hovsep serves on the 2011 Exectutice board and had revived our scouting program under his leadership.

The “Hratch Chalian Memorial Trophy” for 2010 Basketball Player of the year was awarded to;  Michelle Metchikian. This is the first time a female players has earned this honor. Michelle led the 2010 team to the US Eastern Regional Championship under the guidance of coach Tony Moussati. It was the team’s first ever championships after several second place finishes.  Unfortunatly Michelle has since moved to California.

The “Archag Boyajian memorial Trophy” was awarded to Vardan Tigranyan as 2010’s Soccer Player of the Year. Vardan plays midfield for our men’s team and has been part of the senior &  junior program since 2005.

Previous winners


Vahe Boyajian- 1998
Razmik Nenejian- 1999
Harma Turbendian- 2000
Antranig Meliksetyan- 2001
Vahram Hovspeian- 2002
Vahram Shishmanian- 2003
Eddie Shamlian- 2004
Tony Moussati- 2005
Alice Tatarian- 2006
Aram Alpian- 2007

Avo Samuelian- 2008

Onnik Mouradian- 2009


BASKETBALL “Hratch Chalian Memorial Trophy”

Scott Zakian- 1997
Eddie Shamlian- 1998
Aram Yegoryan- 1999
Alan Babaian- 2000
Aram Yegoryan- 2001
Serge Avakian- 2002
Scott Zakian- 2003
Fredrick Dursunian- 2004
Alan Babaian- 2005
Eddie Shamlian- 2006
Richard Manuelian- 2007

Eddie Shamlian-2008

Aram Yegoryan-2009


Ara Manookian- 1997
Steve Andonian- 1998
Antranik Balaian- 1999
Massis Tamazian- 2000
Hatchig Unanyan- 2001
Simon Bardizbanian- 2002
Razmig Nenejian- 2003
Aram Nourikian- 2004
Haygaz Aydogdu- 2005
Steve Andonian- 2006
Aram Hovsepian- 2007


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