April 30, 2011 Alumni Dinner Dance

Date Time Event Venue City Map
01/28/126:00amWashington DC 2 day tourSCOUT ROAD TRIPTBAMap
01/13/127:30pmFamily Night by HMEM of NYArmenian Center (Woodside)Woodside, NYMap
01/05/126:00pmArmenian Christ Eve CelebrationSt. SARKIS ARMENIAN APOSTOLIC CHURCHDouglaston, NYMap
10/15/117:30pmSecond Annual Scout Dinner DanceSt. SARKIS ARMENIAN APOSTOLIC CHURCHDouglaston, NYMap
09/03/1110:00amLast Blast of SummerCamel Beach Water ParkTannersville, PAMap
08/10/118:00pmEastern Regional Camp-out - Washington (8/10 - 8/15)Washington Homenetmen CenterMap
07/09/118:00amAnnual Homenetmen of NY Scout Camp-outCampground to be AnnouncedMap
07/01/118:00pmHomenetmen Games - July 1st - 4thBoston Homenetmen CenterMap
06/19/1110:00amAnnual Homenetmen of NY Soccer Tour. & Picnic
04/30/118:00pmHomenetmen of NY Spring Dinner DanceArmenian Center (Woodside)Woodside, NYMap
03/25/117:00pmCub Scout Trial Camp-outArmenian Center (Woodside)Woodside, NYMap
10/16/108:00amScout Fall Camp-outCampground to be AnnouncedMap
10/09/107:30pmFirst Annual Homenetmen Scout DinnerKalustyan Hall at Holy Martyrs Bayside, NYMap
09/13/108:00pmScout Meeting - Sept 13thArmenian Center (Woodside)Woodside, NYMap
09/06/108:00pmScout Meeting - Sept 6th (May be canceled due to Holiday)Armenian Center (Woodside)Woodside, NYMap
09/04/108:00amScouts - Day at the Water ParkCamel Beach Water ParkTannersville, PAMap
08/30/108:00pmScout Meeting - Aug 30thArmenian Center (Woodside)Woodside, NYMap
08/23/108:00pmScout Meeting - Aug 23rdArmenian Center (Woodside)Woodside, NYMap
08/16/108:00pmScout Meeting - Aug 16thArmenian Center (Woodside)Woodside, NYMap
08/09/108:00pmScout Meeting - Aug 9thArmenian Center (Woodside)Woodside, NYMap
08/02/108:00pmScout Meeting - Aug 2ndArmenian Center (Woodside)Woodside, NYMap
07/30/108:00amScouts - Camping for 4 Day, 3 Night Catskill CampgroundUpstate, NYMap
07/26/108:00pmScout Meeting - July 26thArmenian Center (Woodside)Woodside, NYMap
07/19/108:00pmScout Meeting - July 19thArmenian Center (Woodside)Woodside, NYMap
07/12/108:00pmScout Meeting - July 12thArmenian Center (Woodside)Woodside, NYMap
07/05/108:00pmScout Meeting - July 5th (May be canceled due to Holiday)Armenian Center (Woodside)Woodside, NYMap
06/28/108:00pmScout Meeting - June 28thArmenian Center (Woodside)Woodside, NYMap
06/21/108:00pmScout Meeting - June 21stArmenian Center (Woodside)Woodside, NYMap
06/20/107:00am3rd annual Homemetmen Picnic and Soccer TournamentPlattduetsche Park RestaurantFranklin Square, NYMap
06/14/108:00pmScout Meeting - June 14thArmenian Center (Woodside)Woodside, NYMap
06/13/102:00pmScouts - Miniature GolfFlushing Meadow Park Pitch & PuttCorona, NYMap
06/13/101:00pmBoys Soccer against Soccer ABCMiller #19 (SOCCER), NYMap
06/07/107:30pmScout Meeting - June 7thArmenian Center (Woodside)Woodside, NYMap
06/06/1010:00amLeaders checkout Upstate CampgroundCatskill CampgroundUpstate, NYMap
06/06/105:30pmBoys Soccer against Brooklyn Patriots ManchesterCaton Park (SOCCER)Brooklyn, NYMap
05/31/107:30pmScout Meeting - May 31stArmenian Center (Woodside)Woodside, NYMap
05/24/107:30pmScout Meeting - May 24thArmenian Center (Woodside)Woodside, NYMap
05/23/101:00pmBoys Soccer against Salamina SC RedsCon Edison (SOCCER)Queens, NYMap
05/17/107:30pmScout Meeting - May 17thArmenian Center (Woodside)Woodside, NYMap
05/16/1012:00pmMens Soccer against Maltese Dolphin's (Last Regular game of the Season)Randall's Island Field #74 (SOCCER)NYC, NYMap
05/16/106:00pmBoys Soccer against FC Vipers NYRandall's Island Field #74 (SOCCER)NYC, NYMap
05/10/107:30pmScout Meeting - May 10thArmenian Center (Woodside)Woodside, NYMap
05/09/109:00amBoys Soccer against South Bronx United 90Macombs Dam Park (SOCCER)Bronx, NYMap
05/03/107:30pmScout Meeting - May 3rd - Second HostumArmenian Center (Woodside)Woodside, NYMap
05/02/102:00pmMens Soccer against FC BraveheartsRandall's Island Field #74 (SOCCER)NYC, NYMap
05/02/101:00pmBoys Soccer against Soccer ABCMiller #19 (SOCCER), NYMap
04/26/107:30pmScout Meeting - April 26thArmenian Center (Woodside)Woodside, NYMap
04/25/107:00pmMens Soccer against FC BraveheartsMichael J. Tully Park (SOCCER)New Hyde Park, NYMap
04/25/105:30pmBoys Soccer against Brooklyn Patriots ManchesterCaton Park (SOCCER)Brooklyn, NYMap
04/24/107:00pmCommemoration of the 95th Anniversary of the Armenian GenocideSt. Illuminator's Armenian Apostolic CathedralNew York City, NYMap
04/19/108:00pmSecond Scout Initiation & First Cub Scout InitiationArmenian Center (Woodside)Woodside, NYMap
04/18/101:00pmBoys Soccer against Salamina SC RedsCon Edison (SOCCER)Queens, NYMap
04/12/107:30pmScout Meeting - April 12thArmenian Center (Woodside)Woodside, NYMap
04/11/1012:00pmMens Soccer against Astoria GaelsRandall's Island Field #74 (SOCCER)NYC, NYMap
04/11/104:00pmBoys Soccer against FC Vipers NYRandall's Island Field #74 (SOCCER)NYC, NYMap
04/09/107:00pmScouts - Overnight CampoutArmenian Center (Woodside)Woodside, NYMap
04/05/107:30pmArmenian Youth Talent 2010Carnegie HallNew York City, NYMap
04/04/1010:30amEaster SundayArmenian Church of the Holy MartyrsFlushing, NYMap
04/04/10TBDVisit Armenian Old Age HomeArmenian Old Age Home Flushing, NYMap
03/29/107:30pmScout Meeting - March 29thArmenian Center (Woodside)Woodside, NYMap
03/28/102:00pmMens Soccer against NYPD FCRandall's Island Field #74 (SOCCER)NYC, NYMap
03/28/109:00amBoys Soccer against South Bronx United 90Macombs Dam Park (SOCCER)Bronx, NYMap
03/22/108:00pmScout Initiation (Hostum)Armenian Center (Woodside)Woodside, NYMap
03/15/107:30pmScout Meeting - March 15thArmenian Center (Woodside)Woodside, NYMap
03/08/107:30pmScout MeetingArmenian Center (Woodside)Woodside, NYMap
01/24/101:00pmIce SkatingWorld Ice ArenaFlushing, NYMap

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